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Working with Prime Contractors

Prime contractors hold contracts directly with government agencies and subcontract with businesses for portions of the work. This can include supplies and services. Each Prime has its own internal process to follow. These information pages are developed to assist interested subcontractors and suppliers in navigating those processes.

Pease & Sons, Inc.

Prime Contractors interested in adding your name to this page, contact us at info@washingtonptac.org 

Please include:

  • Information about your company
  • A list of your primary sub needs – what scopes you need the most or more of?
  • A primary poc for subs to connect with if they have questions
  • Subcontractor portal/ bid room link
  • Anything else you need subs to know

Any calls for subs or events your are hosting can be attached to your page. Projects and events should be focused in Washington State.

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