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Find government opportunities with just one click!

Receive federal, state, and local solicitations in your e-mail every day!

The Washington PTAC Bid Match database consists of bid opportunities from city, county, state, and federal governments across the United States. To populate this exclusive database, our service monitors hundreds of procurement websites daily.

As a Washington PTAC client that is located in the state of Washington, you have access to our Bid Match Service for only $165 per year*.

Learn more about how Bid Match works in this brief 5-minute video

If your business is located outside of Washington State. contact your local PTAC to enroll in their Bid Match Service. Find your local PTAC at www.aptac-us.org

How to enroll in Bid Match

You can sign up to receive one daily email* with links to solicitations that match what you do.

  • Easy, convenient system
  • Saves you time from searching multiple websites
  • Affordable


  1. Start by registering as a Washington PTAC client –Become a Client
    • Not in the state of Washington? Find the PTAC in your state at http://www.aptac-us.org/ and sign up for their Bid Match services.
  2. Then sign up for a free 30-day trial.  A simple sign-up form gets you started. No payments are required until your trial period ends. Complete the Bid Match form! 
  3. Meet with your PTAC advisor to discuss your results and tweak your search. 

*Bid Match sends a daily email with links to bid opportunities.  Subscribers who do not click on any bid leads within a 3-month timeframe may have their bid match account turned off to allow room for other firms to subscribe.

Do not pay until you’ve experienced the 30-day free trial.

Have questions? Contact Marnie at the Thurston Economic Development Council at info@washingtonptac.org, or via phone at 206.659.6532.

Existing subscribers:

Pay your Bid Match Invoice Online


How long does it take to start receiving bid matches in my email?

When you submit your keywords and other search criteria on the application form, it is thoroughly reviewed and fine-tuned by knowledgeable people (not computers!) with 20 years of experience.  Common keyword misspellings and pluralizations, wildcards, proximity statements, exclude statements, and other Boolean logic operators are added to your search profiles to produce the most relevant results possible. This effort takes time for our system search experts to get it just right. Please be patient after you submit your application.  It could take several days.

Which government agencies does it search?

Bid Match searches federal, state, and local government websites.  There are about 1500 different websites across the United States.

Can I limit my search?

Yes. You can limit your search geographically by State to only include the states you want to search.  Additionally, you can limit it to just include state/local bids or just Federal.

Can multiple people from my company get the daily email?

Yes.  We can add as many recipients from your company as you’d like to your subscription for no additional cost.  Each will receive the daily email.

What if I want to update my search criteria?

Contact your PTAC Counselor any time to make changes to your bid match search criteria.  PTAC wants your bids to be relevant to what you do!  We also encourage you to send us bids you may have found from other sources so we can further enhance your profile and/or the sites our Bid Match searches.

What if I need help understanding how to respond to a bid notice?

Contact your PTAC.  PTAC provides no-cost technical assistance on how to find, bid on, and win government contracts and subcontracts. Set an appointment today with your local PTAC Counselor.  

MORE QUESTIONS? Contact Marnie Tyson at info@washingtonptac.org or 206-659-6532.

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