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UEI Update in SAM.gov & Expiration Extension

Since April 4th, 2022, registering and renewing in the federal vendor registration site System for Awards Management (www.sam.gov) has proven to be an exercise in patience and persistence.

General Service Administration’s (GSA) Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is working hard to fix the struggles with the validation process.

The transition from DUNS to UEI that happened on April 4th also transitioned the business validation process. PTAC has been provided these guidelines to support all vendors registering and renewing in SAM in case the traditional Federal Service Desk system is not sufficiently meeting your needs.

Extension on renewal

To continue to help users during the transition, there will be an automatic, 30-day extension for any existing SAM.gov entity registrations needing to be renewed with an expiration date ranging between Friday, April 29, 2022, and April 28, 2023. No action is required on the part of entity registrants. Each impacted registration renewal will have 30 days added to their expiration date. As an example, an entity registration set to expire on June 1, 2022 will automatically be granted a 30-day extension to July 1, 2022.

Active Entity registrations can now move forward

Active Entities: Due to a recent system change, entities may avoid the current validation processing queue if their entity name and address have not changed since their last validation.  Instructions

Active Entities with a Work in Progress: First, delete work in progress Here are instructions. Then continue as above.

In either case, registrants will be able to continue with their registration update while information is validated in the new provider’s database. Additional guidance when creating an incident for validation.

SAM validation incidents are processed by a third party separate from the Federal Service Desk. If you have a validation support need, submit an incident inside sam.gov, all other sam.gov-related support should have incident tickets created on fsd.gov.

Clear as mud? call you PTAC to talk you through your specific needs.

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