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Interstate Bridge Project

Project Update: The Interstate Bridge Replacement project is actively engaged in planning and design phases. According to the IBR Project Office, the pre-construction phase will begin mid-year to fall 2024, with the published project timeline below.

IBR Contractor Meet & Greet

11/8/2023       4:00 PM – 7:00 PM       

731 N Hayden Meadows Dr, Portland OR, 97217

Join the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs and the Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) Program to learn about opportunities with IBR and connect with program leadership, staff, prospective prime contractors and other DBEs/SBEs.

Types of Opportunities Projected:

To answer inbound questions on the cost estimation of this project, here is detailed information from the IBR project team:

“The IBR (Interstate Bridge Replacement) program cost estimate reflects the components being analyzed in the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. The cost estimate accounts for current market conditions, along with potential risks and cost saving opportunities, and includes costs associated with constructing the replacement bridge and other program components in the 2025 – 2035 timeframe. The estimated cost for the program is $5 to $7.5 billion, with a likely estimated cost of $6 billion. Revenue from a diverse range of sources is required, including federal funds, tolling, and state funds from both Oregon and Washington. Tolls will be used to help pay for construction, operations and maintenance of the facility, and to help improve travel reliability within the program corridor. The Financial Plan identifies potential funding sources and financing mechanisms, including federal funds, tolling, and state contributions.”

The procurement processes for this project are still being drafted with input from procuring agencies in collaboration with IBR. This workshop series will keep current with new agency developments as they come to bear, with companies able to invest in skills and capacity building activities that boost competitiveness in 2024.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very respectfully,

Julia Krivoruk (she/her) | MBA

Washington APEX Accelerator Advising, (formally known as PTAC)

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