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NEW “Digging Into Public Works” Training & Networking!

The Digging into Public Works program is dedicated to delivering quality technical assistance to contractors and local government.  The business training is focused on small and disadvantaged contractors wanting to learn more about public works contracting. If you are bidding state or local construction work, we invite you to join the virtual training series.  Coupled with the training series are “meet the agencies” events where all contractors – experienced and new – will get an opportunity to connect with local agencies eager to share how they do business.   

Business Training & Networking:

October 25 – Meet the Bigs in Spokane

October 26 – Meet the Agencies in Lynnwood

November 17 – Meet the Agencies in Tri Cities

Public Works Virtual Training Series – November 2022

  • Introduction to public works
  • Fundamental requirements
  • Accounting practices
  • Bonding 
  • Insurance
  • Estimating
  • Bidding

Digging into public works is brought to you by MRSC and Washington PTAC.  The initiative also include training for agencies.  Learn more here.

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