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WSDA Climate Resilience

WSDA has posted a solicitation for scientific and communication services to develop an agency agricultural climate resilience plan.

Details can be found online at WEBS (filter by choosing “Agriculture, Department of” and selecting “Climate Resilience Planning for Washington Agriculture”). You will need to register for and login to WEBS to access all required documents, receive updates, and post a bid.

All questions regarding this solicitation will be posted and answered publicly via WEBS between May 24th and June 29th.

The deadline for submitting proposals is July 10. Please help us spread the word, and shape the future of climate resilience in Washington!

WSDA has been serving agriculture and the public for more than 100 years. Through service, regulation, and advocacy, WSDA supports the viability and vitality of agriculture while protecting consumers, public health, and the environment.

WSDA seeks scientific and communication services for the development of an agency climate resilience plan concerning Washington agriculture. The objectives of this work are to:

1. Summarize current agricultural climate science, vulnerabilities, and opportunities in Washington;

2. Aggregate WSDA’s current work on climate topics under a cohesive narrative, and heighten the visibility of this work for partners and stakeholders;

3. Engage Washington agricultural stakeholders;

4. Identify gaps in WSDA programming and chart a path to addressing gaps; and

5. Develop metrics for evaluating success in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation in Washington agriculture.

Pre-Proposal Conference:

Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 10am (Pacific Time)
Attend via Video Conference:
Click here to join the Microsoft Teams meeting

Meeting ID: 227 312 146 712
Passcode: WsLXoj

Procurement Coordinator

Dani Gelardi, Senior Soil Scientist and Climate Coordinator

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