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Washington APEX Accelerator offers many webinars and workshops designed to help you navigate the government procurement process. Below you will find links to our favorites to help get you started. 

For a complete listing of all our webinars try our You Tube Channel for more!

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Upcoming Live Trainings

Visit our list of upcoming trainings at our Calendar of Events

Federal Contracting Lexicon

Understanding and speaking the correct contracting language is very important to avoid miscommunications and frustration. In this class you will learn correct terms and their


Stop Work. Change Order.

What these and other contract mods mean for your bottom line! Most contracts will be modified after contract award. Do you know how to deal


Price Proposal Preparation

Interested in learning more about the key components to prepare a price proposal for federal contracting opportunities? Retired Contracting Officer, Terry Homburg will guide you


State COntracting

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