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Want More Bid Opportunities? Join MRSC Rosters!

Did you know that every year in the state of Washington over 10,000 small public works projects are completed totaling over $2 billion in government contracts? These contracts are valued at under $350,000 and are not required to be publicly advertised, so businesses must sign up for a small works roster to bid on these contracts.

MRSC Rosters is the most widely used statewide small works roster directory in Washington, connecting thousands of businesses to 660 public agencies across the state. For a minimal annual fee, you can list which services and goods your business provides – including not just public works, but also purchases (vendor roster) and consulting services – and which public agencies you want to work with. Government agencies will then reach out directly to obtain bids for these small contracts. 

To see if your target agencies are using this Roster and apply,  visit mrscrosters.org.  Not sure if a small works roster is a good next step for your business? Contact your local PTAC advisor to discuss.

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