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WA Commerce Grant – Industrial Symbiosis

PROJECT TITLE: Industrial Symbiosis

A pre-proposal conference is scheduled to be held on May 12, 2022 10 – 11 AM Pacific Time. The preproposal conference will be virtual only. The Zoom meeting link is in the RFP
Please email the RFP coordinator if there are issues joining the meeting. All prospective Proposers are encouraged attend; however, attendance is not mandatory.

LETTER OF INTENT DUE: May 27, 2022 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, Olympia, WA

PROPOSAL DUE: June 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, Olympia, WA

ESTIMATED TIME PERIOD FOR CONTRACT: July 25, 2022 – June 30, 2023

OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE OF WORK Successful bidders will advance an industrial symbiosis project through expansion of existing efforts, implementation of a new project or research and development into new areas and technologies that will repurpose industrial waste for beneficial use. COMMERCE will seek to distribute funds in a geographically diverse manner across the state to both urban and rural areas. The scope of work for these awards is not limited within the confines of the industrial symbiosis program. The program, as described above and in statute (Exhibit E), seeks to broaden existing efforts and technologies while also supporting new and innovative ideas. While this request is broad within the scope of the industrial symbiosis program, it does have the following areas of interest.

  1. Agricultural
    • Crop stubble
    • Food processing waste
    • Aquaculture
  2. Forest products
    • Biomass
    • Biochar applications
    • Pulp mill waste
  3. Utilities
    • Waste heat reuse
    • Water reclamation
    • Biogas/ Renewable Natural Gas
  4. Construction debris
    • Collection, distribution and reuse
  5. Food waste
    • Reduction
    • Composting
    • Biogas
  6. Waste plastic
    • Industrial and commercial
  7. Waste heat reuse
    • Utilities
    • Data Centers

COMMERCE has budgeted an amount not to exceed $850,000 for this project as directed by the legislature. Awards will range from $150,000 to $250,000 per applicant.

RFP can be found at https://www.commerce.wa.gov/contracting-with-commerce/request-for-proposal/industrial-symbiosis/ 

RFP COORDINATOR Lauren Annette Boyan OEDCProcurement@commerce.wa.gov

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