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Small Business Outreach Event USACE NW

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Northwestern Division (CENWD), includes the following districts:

  • Omaha District (CENWO),
  • Kanas City District (CENWK),
  • Seattle District (CENWS),
  • Portland District (CENWP),
  • Walla Walla District (CENWW)

CENWD has once again conducting a free VIRTUAL seminar for NEW small business owners and/or representatives on Tuesday, 22 June 2021 hosted by Washington PTAC


PTAC INtroduction and presentation:

  • How to do business with Federal Government
  • New Small Business Regulations

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Division Presentation

  • Mission
  • How Small Business can support USACE Mission
  • Regional Tools

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers District Presentation:

  • Mission and Programs
  • What we buy
  • Forecast/Contracting Opportunities FY2021/22

Questions and Answer session

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