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Project Title: Parent to Parent Services

Estimated Contract Performance Period: April 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. DSHS shall have the option to extend the period of performance in 24-month increments, to a maximum 63 months total.

Response Due Date: All Responses must be received in their entirety by 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on January 11, 2022 unless an Amendment is issued modifying the Solicitation Schedule set forth in Section C.1 of the Solicitation Document

Submit Response To: Responses must be submitted to: Linda J. Hodgson, Coordinator Department of Social and Health Services Facilities, Finance & Analytics Administration Central Contracts and Legal Services Email: linda.hodgson@dshs.wa.gov

Solicitation and Amendments Will Be Posted on: DSHS Procurement Website: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/ffa/procurements-and-contracting and the WEBS Website: https://pr-webs-vendor.des.wa.gov/

Applicable WEBS Commodity Codes:

  • 952-15: Case Management,
  • 952-85: Support Services;
  • 952-59: Human Services;
  • 952-43: Family and Social Services

Project Scope
The purpose of this project is to provide supportive, encouraging, and informational opportunities to families of individuals with developmental disabilities. Specifics on these activities and expectations are listed in the Statement of Work (see Attachment A: Sample Contract).

The Apparent Successful Bidder (ASB), through their connection with statewide ParentTo-Parent programs, shall provide:

  • assistance to parents of individuals with developmental disabilities
  • training and technical assistance
  • informational materials
  • outreach to diverse communities
  • online training modules and webinars
  • stakeholder meetings
  • specific activities designed to support families through outreach

In addition, the Apparent Successful Bidder shall host an annual appreciation event, provide public awareness of Parent-to-Parent programs, as well as reports describing all efforts and outcomes of the project.

Prior to submitting their Response, Bidders should carefully review the Statement of Work located in Attachment A: Sample Contract to better understand DSHS’ expectations of the Parent-to-Parent Programs’ and the Apparent Successful Bidder’s roles and responsibilities.

Bidder shall identify the key personnel it shall utilize in performing this Contract, and their experience and qualifications, as part of its Response. If awarded a Contract, Bidder shall not make changes to such Key Personnel during the term of the Contract except as requested or approved by DSHS.

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