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DSHS Policy 13.12 Notification RFP #2334-830, Economic Rates Study

TO:                  All Interested Parties

FROM:           Lauren Bragazzi and Cindy Carroll, RFP Coordinators

                        Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

                        Central Contracts and Legal Services


SUBJECT:     DSHS Policy 13.12 Notification

                       RFP #2334-830, Economic Rates Study


The State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has issued an RFP seeking the following services: The purpose of this contract is to conduct a rates study for WA Cares Fund services and provide expert consultation on rate setting efforts by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).  The Contractor will review and analyze existing payment rates for Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) provider types in the public and private sectors and make recommendations to DSHS on viable rate ranges for WA Cares, including an analysis of impacts on the provider network.  There are 19 approved services for WA Cares Fund split into 4 service groups or phases. The Contractor will complete and provide a report to summarize their analysis in each service group (1-4) and a final report including a methodology for future rate changes. The Contractor will provide needed expertise, guidance, and consultation to support WA Cares Fund staff, stakeholder groups and LTSS Trust Commission in areas associated with this Contract and attend ongoing meetings with these groups as needed.

DSHS will provide data from the Medicaid LTSS experience ex: utilization of services and rates paid out to Medicaid clients in LTSS. The Contractor will need to seek data in the provider sector to complete the study. The Contractor will present options and seek feedback from stakeholder groups and provide consultation and advice to the LTSS Trust Commission. The Contractor will provide a final report outlining the methodology used to complete this study and insight on completing future rate analysis.

You may access and print a hard copy of the RFP from the DSHS Procurement Website at https://www.dshs.wa.gov/ffa/procurements-and-contracting or through WEBS at https://pr-webs-vendor.des.wa.gov/.

Thank you for your interest.

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