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DES Street Lights & Poles RFP


Department of Enterprise Services
Street Lights & Poles 07521

Competitive Solicitation posting date: July 13, 2021
Deadline for submitting Bids August 15, 2021

Find the full solicitation on the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). If you are not registered in WEBS you will not receive any updates or amendments regarding this solicitation, which will disadvantage your bid.
Pre-Bid Conference: July 20, 2021 at 10:30-12:00 PM PST via zoom teleconferencing. Register in WEBS for Pre-bid meeting link.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Enterprise Services intends to conduct a competitive procurement to establish and award regional Master Contracts, based on six (6) categories, for eligible purchasers to purchase Street Light Standards, Traffic Signal Standards, Roadway Luminaires, Components, HPS Lamps, LED Luminaires, and Luminaires/Poles not otherwise categorized.
SALES ESTIMATE: Total sales on this contract from 2013 to 2021 are approximately $11,587,239 for Street Lights & Poles among all eligible Purchasers.
CONTRACT TERM: 36 months with possible extension for an additional 36 months.
PRIORITY EVALUATION POINTS: Executive Order 18-03 – Workers’ Rights (Mandatory employee arbitration and class action waivers); Washington small business; Certified veteran-owned business.

  • 285-06-Ballasts, All Kinds;
  • 285-29-Dimmers, Light (See Class 855 for Theatre Dimmers);
  • 285-34-Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Holders, Links, etc.;
  • 285-55-Lighting, Area, Pole or Standard Mounted (Parking Lots, etc.);
  • 285-76-Street and Highway Lighting Luminaires, Accessories and Parts;
  • 285-80-Street Light Poles and Standards;
  • 550-85-Traffic Signal Poles, Standards, and Brackets;
  • 550-89-Traffic Signals and Equipment, Electric Parts;
  • 550-88-Traffic Signals and Equipment, Electric Systems;
  • 690-49-Lamps and Lights, Indicating;
  • 912-32-Construction, street lighting.

DEADLINE FOR QUESTIONS: All questions or concerns regarding this solicitation must be submitted in writing to the Procurement Coordinator by August 9, 2021. The Procurement Coordinator is Mark Vessey at DESContractsTeamMaple@des.wa.gov
DES CUSTOMER SERVICE: WEBSCustomerService@des.wa.gov or (360) 902-7400.
Solicitation Documents Available: Contract Documents, contacts and Bid instructions are available in WEBS
For more information on upcoming DES solicitations: DES Current and Future Bid Opportunities.

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