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DES Solicitation 08921 Vehicle, Garage and Fleet Equipment

Update: Bid date  is November sixth not November ninth posted update 9/25/2023 

Competitive Solicitation 08921
Vehicle Lifts with Garage and Fleet Associated Equipment

Find the full solicitation on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS). Vendors not registered in WEBS will
not receive updates or amendments to the solicitation, which could disadvantage your bid.

Pre-bid conference: 10/5/2023
Join via TEAMS: Click here to join the meeting
Meeting ID: 219 482 077 85
Password: y26yyy
Or call in (audio only)
+1 564-999-2000,,74030113# United States, Olympia
(833) 322-1218,,74030113# United States (Toll-free)Phone Conference ID: 740 301 13#

Contract location: Statewide
Contract description:  The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (Enterprise Services) is conducting a competitive procurement to award Statewide Contracts for eligible purchasers to acquire vehicle lifts with garage and fleet associated equipment. Through the Statewide Contracts established by this solicitation, Washington state agencies and other eligible purchasers may obtain contracted goods and/or services to include: vehicle lifts, industrial lifts, with garage and fleet associated equipment. Lifts are intended for raising vehicles into the air consisting of various post types for people to work beneath the vehicle. Lifts have varying maximum load capacities. Garage and fleet associated equipment includes tire changers, wheel balancers, free standing brake lathes, alignment equipment, stationary air compresses,
part washers, exhaust ventilation systems, diagnostic equipment, vehicle wash systems, and other appropriate shop
tools and equipment.

Commodity codes: 075-01 Air Powered Shop Tools, Regulators, and Parts, 075-03 Aligners, Balancers, and Accessories, Wheel, 075-12 Carbon Removing Tools, 075-14 Cements (For Chromated Felt, Gaskets, Trim, and Weather Strip) and Gasket Shellac, 560-39 Cranes, All Kinds (Except Automotive and Road and Bridge Building), 075-24 Diagnostic Instrument System for Vehicle Emission Testing, 075-43 Lathes, Armature and Brake Drum, 075-44 Lifts and Hoists, Floor Type: Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic, 075-46 Lubrication Equipment: Guns, Hoses, Fittings, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, etc. (Including Oil Filter Presses), 075-47 Mechanic’s Equipment and Tools (Not Otherwise Classified), 075-48 Mechanic’s Wire, 075-50 Oil Analysis and Diagnostic Equipment, 075-54 Presses and Pullers, Machine Powered (Including Frame Alignment), 075-55 Reclamation Equipment, Automotive (Including 3 Refrigerant Recovery), 075-56 Recycled Automotive Products (Not Otherwise Classified), 075-63 Relining Equipment (For Brakes), 075-64 Shop and Mechanic’s Equipment and Supplies, Recycled, 075-68 Spill Containment, Clean-Up, and Hazardous Waste Elimination System (For Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Work), 075-67 Spring Tester (To Balance Valve Springs, etc.), 075-69 Starting Equipment, Vehicle (Equipment Battery, Not Battery to Battery), 075-72 Tachometer (With Wheel for Speed Recording) , 445-02 Air Pumps for Sporting Goods, Toys, etc. (See 075-83 for Tire Pumps), 075-78 Testers: Engine Analysis, Headlight, Ignition, Timing, Compression, Oscilloscopes, Stroboscopes, etc. , 075-81 Tire Changing Equipment , 075-83 Tire Changing Tools and Accessories: Lug Wrenches, Tire Gauges, Tire Mounting Lubricant, Tire Pumps, etc., 075-87 Tow Bars, Chains, Ropes and Straps, 075-89 Training Aids and Instructional Equipment and Supplies, Automotive, 075-90 Undercoater Equipment and Accessories, 075-92 Undercoating Compounds, 075-95 Valve Grinding Compounds, 075-96 Vehicle Washing Systems, Automatic, Stationary, 075-94 Wheel Chocks (Blocks), 075-97 Windshield Replacement Tools

Inclusion plan: None
Preference/priority points:
• Washington small businesses
• Veteran-owned businesses
• Executive Order 18-03Solicitation documents: Solicitation documents, contacts, and bid instructions are available in WEBS: https://pr-webs-vendor.des.wa.gov/.

Question-and-answer period: September 21, 2023 – October 23, 2023
Submit questions or concerns about this solicitation in writing to the Procurement Coordinator: Jaimie Manus at DESContractsTeamMaple@des.wa.gov

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