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Communications and Marketing Services

Title: Communications and Marketing Services

Description: Washington Department of Enterprise Services is in the process of developing a competitive solicitation and requirements for Communications and Marketing Services. Enterprise Services is requesting input from the vendor community regarding the requirements and bid submission documents. Enterprise Services is providing this opportunity on the draft solicitation documents.

Customer Reference Number: 20422

Close Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Posting Organization: Enterprise Services (DES), Dept. of

Questions regarding this opportunity should be directed to the contact person listed in WEBS for this opportunity.  To view the full details of this opportunity login now at:


Comm Codes 

915-01 – Advertising Agency Services
915-10 – Advertising, Digital
915-14 – Broadcasting Services, Radio
915-15 – Broadcasting Services, Television
915-02 – Advertising (Including Notice of Bid Solicitation, Statutory Notices)
915-06 – Audio Production
915-07 – Audio Recording
915-09 – Audio/Video Production Services Complete
915-22 – Communications Marketing Services
915-72 – Photography (Not Including Aerial Photography)
915-73 – Public Information Services (Incl. Press Releases)
915-74 – Radio Commercial Production
915-78 – Television Commercial Production
915-71 – Newspaper and Publication Advertising
915-90 – Video Media Duplicating and Production Services (Including CD ROMs, Tapes, etc.)
915-82 – Video Production
915-84 – Video Recording
915-97 – Wiring Services, Data/Voice
915-48 – Graphic Arts Services (Not Printing)
918-07 – Advertising Consulting
918-75 – Management Consulting
918-76 – Marketing Consulting
961-53 – Marketing Services (Incl. Distribution, Research, Sales Promotions, etc.)
961-79 – Trade Services (Facilitation, Information, Marketing, Promotion, etc.)
915-42 – Film and Slide/Tape Production Services
915-38 – Film and Slide Processing, Duplicating and Touch Up Services

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