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City of Tacoma Links to Opportunity Streetscape Project

Project Description 

The LTO project will enhance the corridor along Sound Transit’s Hilltop Tacoma LINK extension route to increase accessibility and safety for residents and businesses. The project serves one of Tacoma’s oldest historically Black neighborhoods and business districts, and the design was informed by nearly two years of grassroots outreach to the Hilltop community. Downtown: On the Go!, Hilltop Action Coalition, and Tacoma Housing Authority all assisted in the outreach effort. The final design is informed and defined by the community that it will serve and will honor
the history of the corridor.

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Project Schedule

Planning Completed: 2018

Design Completed: 2019

Right of Way Completion: Winter 2022

Construction Begins: Spring 2023

Duration: One Year (pending Sound Transit Schedule)

Project Scopes

237110, 562119, 541370, 561730, 541360, 238910, 237310 – Preparation and Grading
Site Demolition, Saw Cutting and Cleanup
Concrete Removal – Sidewalks, Stairs, Walls
Removal and Relocation of Site Features
Clearing and Landscape Removal
Adjusting Utilities to Grade

237110, 237130 – Drainage and Storm Sewer
Schedule A Storm Sewer Pipe 3-in Diameter for Roof Drains
Trench Drains
Controlled Density Fill
Installing Manhole

237110, 238990, 237310, 453998, 561990, 238210 – Paving and Traffic
Schedule A Storm Sewer Pipe 3-in Diameter for Roof Drains
Trench Drains
Controlled Density Fill
Installing Manhole
Installing Base Course Materials
Installing standard and Colored Concrete Sidewalk
Sandblasting Decorative Strips
Installing Plastic and Painted Traffic Lines and Symbols
Traffic Control and Signage
Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Paving for Sidewalks

238210 – Illumination

Pedestrian Lighting
Traffic Streetlights
Illuminated Seat Blocks
Conduit and wiring

561730 – Erosion Control, Roadside Planting

Tree Protection
Root Barrier
Installing Small, Medium and Large Plants and Trees
Mulching, Seeding and Fertilizing
Installing Irrigation

238990 – All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

Installing Fencing
Streetscape Features including Benches, Lean Rails, Seats, Chess Board
Bicycle Racks and Corrals, Repair Station
Pavers, Interpretive Text, Welcome Mats



Due Date

Time Due –

Title and Solicitation Documents

 Date Issued




11 AM

Links to Opportunity Streetscape – Bid Package 3


This bid is distributed by the City’s designated plan distributor, ARC Document Solutions, Inc. 

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Bid Submittal Package



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