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Boistfort Gymnasium Seismic Retrofit Pease & Sons

SUB-BID REQUESTED FOR Boistfort Gymnasium Seismic Retrofit
983 Boistfort Rd, Curtis, WA 98538-
BID DATE/TIME: 6/9/2022 @ 2:00:00 PM

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Construct seismic upgrades to the Boistfort Consolidated School gymnasium and food service facility including structural upgrades to foundations, bearing and shear walls, and roof connections. Replace architectural finishes where structural work is being completed. Update mech and elec systems to comply with seismic standards.

ESTIMATED VALUE: $2.9 million + WSST

COMPLETION TIME: Subst compl: 1/2/23

WAGE REQUIREMENTS: This project is subject to WA State L&I prevailing wage rates. Certified payroll will be required.

PRICING REQUIREMENTS: The Bid Form includes ONE (1) Base Bid, ONE (1) Alternate, and TWO (2) Unit Prices. Separate pricing is required.

Pease & Sons, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we actively encourage and promote a diverse workplace. Our firm is seeking bids from all qualified and capable firms, large and small businesses including, but not limited to, Emerging Small, Women, Minority, Disadvantaged, Native, Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Disabled Veteran, 8(a), and HUBZone businesses.

Pease & Sons, Inc. is signatory to the Carpenters and Laborers Unions.

DOCUMENTS: Complete Plans, Specifications and Addenda are available on-line via the following link: https://www.peaseandsons.com/bid-room

P.O. BOX 44100, TACOMA, WA 98448
(253) 531-7700 FAX: (253) 537-8113



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6/3/2022 updated – due date changed from 6/6/2022 to 6/9/2022

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